Wales's Own Recipe Box Service!

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Seasonal, Organic and Sustainable.

Award Winning Welsh Chefs creating Your Weekly Chaning Menu with 6 Different Options to Chooce From.

Modern World Recipes using seasonal Welsh produce to improve home-cooking skills and broaden customer knowledge around new and heritage ingredients to support a biodiverse and environmentally sustainable Wales.


Our Ambition is to create a profitable Community Interest Company with sustainable economic growth in order to maximise full-time employment opportunities at a living wage.

Set-up to combat redundancies in the Welsh hospitality sector and wider geographical community as a direct result of Covid-19.

Key principles supporting a localised circular economy here in Wales, from job creation and environmentally friendly packaging right down to the small scale Welsh farmers and food producers.


Connecting and supporting local small scale organic farms, enabling them to get their products to market.

Direct Farmer/Butcher/Fishing to Fork links, harnessing previously established and new networks across the industry to bring unique knowledge and selling points. 

A pioneering structure that reinvests profits to purchase/lease land for sustainable farming development and training/education of communities and staff around the whole food chain.

Improve Food Security through to New Community Supported Agriculture.

Wales's First Recipe Box Subscription Service!

Swper. Box CIC Est. 2020

Company Number - 12692731

Address  : Goitre, Broad Oak, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Wales, SA19 6SL

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